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Suicidal Blonde, NOT!

Family Movie Night

By Karyn Bowman

This has been one of those weeks where the good and bad of life seems tipped towards the bad.

The Bradley Christmas parade was fun with the weather being optimal for a night time parade. It was cold but not too cold. It was not windy, raining, or snowing. We had fun, the kids in the band looked like they were having fun.

Parade, christmasMy friends and I were standing near the Mexican bakery and had great hot chocolate to drink. We laughed at the princesses who didn’t stay in their car but made a point of taking pictures and shaking hands with the crowds. That was Friday night.

Saturday afternoon I found out a friend who lives in Indiana has had the bottom drop out of her world. Her son and his children were in a car accident that took the lives of the children and put her son with life threatening injuries in the burn unit. His girlfriend had lesser injuries. But still, they lost their children, ages 2 and 7 months.

Crashed car terrenceThe only good news is that my friend’s son is still alive but in a coma. It’s unknown if he is going to make it. However, the police were able to catch the person who caused the accident.

When the world gets crazy, I need a movie like Atomic Blonde starring Charlize Theron. I need a movie with a strong character who is good at solving problems or getting herself out of sticky problems.

In this movie, Theron plays an MI6 spy who is sent to Berlin just as the wall is about to come down. She is sent to retrieve something or someone. But just as it appears it is going as plan it goes all wrong. And our spy has to do whatever it takes to keep her mission on track.

There are several elements that makes this movie fantastic.

First are the fight scenes which are choreographed well. They are tough to watch, long drawn out events, and feature fighters who might be a bit tired near what could be the end.

Secondly the soundtrack is allout euro-techno pop. It reminded me so much of the 80s with music by Nina, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, and so many others. I was having flashbacks just by the soundtrack.

atomic-blonde-posterLastly, while it was a standard spy double-crossed movie I was sucked into the story line. I need to find out who was supposed to be who. Of course there is a double agent and I wanted to know exactly who it was, even if I was completely wrong in the end.

Some of you may have seen the end and knows what happens. I’m not telling about that. For me, it was thrilling and electric. But I need to warn those who do not like swearing, violence in a movie, or more graphic love scenes. There is plenty of that stuff in this movie and if it makes you queasy or upset, perhaps it is best to not watch.

For me the most terrifying things were her constant baths in ice cold water. There is a purpose to it and I get it that it is a spy thing. Still gave me chills up and down the spine. I had a feeling I knew exactly where it was leading. And I was right.

In the end, the problems were solved with biting violence that made everything irrevocable, Problems erased with a great deal of finality.

Maybe that is not how we do it in real life. But sometimes when life throws bricks at us, I want a way to throw them right back with twice as much force. That is the feeling Atomic Blonde leaves me. Violence with the hope of redemption.

Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.

Family Movie Night


By Karyn Bowman


I have been moaning that I wanted to see Snow White and the Huntsman so I could compare and contrast it with Mirror, Mirror both of which are the two ‘Snow White’ movies that came out this year.


The story is familiar to most of us – a beautiful princess loses her mother. When the father decides to re-marry, the new queen is a woman jealous of anyone more beautiful than she. When her step-daughter becomes more beautiful than she, the evil queen plots her death. But the girl eludes her by hiding out in the woods with the help of seven dwarves while the prince searches for the girl.


Poster Image from IMDb.com

Now you might be wondering how two movies on the same subject get made in the same year. What often happens is that movies take a long time to be made, a 2-4 year process on average. Once a movie gets a the green light go ahead, if there is another movie similar to it happening at another studio, suddenly both movies appear to be racing to see who will be first.


Funny enough, the prince in Snow White had also auditioned for Mirror, Mirror as did Lily Collins for Snow White in both.


But while both movies work off the Snow White fairy tale, do not go in thinking these movies are identical. It is the tone that marks the difference between these movies.


What is similar is the theme of aging and how a queen is only valued as long as she is beautiful. Both Julia Roberts and Charlize Theron play women who work to keep their youthful appearance. While Roberts employs various spa treatments, Theron steals her youthful looks from others.


While both women dispose of their king, one does so in a manner that continues his life and her use of him. This queen keeps him under her control while the other kills her husband outright because of her disdain for all men. We do learn the second woman’s back story and understand how she became this way but in no way does it excuse her treachery.


Poster Image from IMDb.com

The other theme that is present in both movies is the price of magic. Both women have used magic to gain their positions that resulted in deaths and maintenance of magical creatures. They have used magic to maintain their positions which for one woman requires a constant supply of energy. And both know there is a cost to its use.


The difference in these movies is the tone. Mirror, Mirror plays as a late 18th comedy with serious undertones that take over as the movie advances. It has bright colors, smart dialogue and sets that defy imagination at times.  What I love is that the mirror is more that a reflection or tells only what the queen wants to hear. She has her secrets and will share if only the Queen would listen.


Snow White and the Huntsman is more of a medieval fantasy action-adventure film. The costumes and battle techniques suggest a King Arthur period which has it’s own sort of romance. We want to believe all will end well but first we must run through mud and muck. Something that surprised me was actual dirt on Kristen Stewart’s hands.


This is a darker movie than the first. The Queen derives joy from the deaths she causes. She does not mind the evils her brother acts out. Nor is she unwilling to create an atmosphere of fear within her kingdom.


Neither movie is appropriate for young audiences. I found them to be disturbing enough that I would not want anyone younger than age 9 to see these because of the dark tones in The Hunstman and some of the sexiness in Mirror, Mirror.


But both are interesting interpretations of the fairy tale. Mirror, Mirror is currently on the DVD shelf while Snow White and the Huntsman is currently at Movies 10.


Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.

Family Movie Night


by Karyn Bowman


This past weekend I was hoping to sneak in the newest Snow White  movie with Kristen Stewart so that I could compare and contrast with Mirror, Mirror which came out earlier this year.


Poster Image from IMDb.com

But time and opportunity got away from me. Disappointment reigns sometimes in life.


One thing that was not disappointing involved our movie choice for Friday Night. We finally got to see We Bought a Zoo.

The story is about a man who has lost his wife to cancer. He still has two children to raise but finds reminders of her all over their neighborhood. So he decides to move, which leads to the zoo. And that leads to many changes for the kids. Along the way feelings develop, mature, and expand as the family learns how to care for the animals in the zoo.


I knew it was going to be cute at points, you don’t have a little girl who cute without a bit of cheesiness. But there were times the movie was incredibly honest in the emotions that were shared or not shared. I felt like I was re-visiting old family fights as the teen boy goes after his dad for being inattentive to him.


Poster Image from IMDb.com

Let me say that there are moments of swearing that may not make some people happy. I feel they are used as release points. One moment in the movie has the daughter say a word that she states she does not understand but does not believe it describes this particular character accurately.


I began to really like it as the Matt Damon character had to own up to his faults and make amends.


So be aware that this is a good movie, that it is emotionally raw in spots but for the most part its heart is in the right place. Plus, I loved it that the Thomas Hayden Church character was playing the straight guy for once.


Now, last week I mentioned enjoying watching a bad movie every now and again. While I was waiting up for my husband to return the other night from the city, I found myself watching Wolverine. The movie was so predictable it was almost sad.


How anyone could waste the talented Hugh Jackman is beyond me but it happened here.

This is supposed to be the origin story of our favorite X-Man. We see a few other mutants along with one particularly gruesome death. But time and time again I could predict exactly what was going to happen, what was going to be said and what would be the final outcome.


I am willing to watch Jackman in a bad movie. Heck, I sat through Real Steel which is basically a remake of a Sylvester Stallone movie. But this comic book movie was below my expectations and not in a fun way.


There are times playing it serious in a bad movie works and times when it does not. Let me just say that Wolverine is not an enjoyable bad movie.


Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.