I am going to confess something to everyone who stops by.

 I have been sick for the last two or three weeks.

Picture by Penny Wise

It wasn’t something big like cancer or a chronic illness that is not going away anytime soon which is why I feel so wimpy. I am not going in for surgery or have dialysis or any major procedure.

It was a cold.

Nose running, coughing all of the time and feeling worn-out tired without doing anything worth feeling tired about. There was no fever or achiness, just tiredness and a cough and a drippy nose along with a clouding of the head. I read blogs about people who have beaten cancer or dealing with MS or fibromyalgia only to feel guilty. I should feel so lucky that it is only a cold.

 I spent most of the Christmas season not being able to guzzle eggnog in the way I like to do because it would make the snot population grow. That is a crying shame, except I do not want to cry either. That gets the headache going.

 By the way I am knocking back Ny-Quil, I should buy stock in the company. The next med I need to be on continuously is Tylenol to kill the sinus headache. All this bright sunlight on the snow is putting a small dagger right above my right eye despite my new Fossil sunglasses my mother gave me (love, love love these sunglasses).

All this sleeping and resting has allowed me to take naps with the kids, cuddle with the husband while he watches the Bears make an improbable run to the playoffs and enjoy my avocado walls in the bedroom. I am also thankful for figuring out having a flannel top sheet and cotton fitted sheet is the best way to be winter warm and not too hot.

 I have looked at all of the magazines and catalogues by my bedside and started figuring out what items I need to rejuvenate the wardrobe I already have. I have tried reading the simplest of mystery books only to find I hate, hate, hate the Faith Fairchild series. My attempts at River-Horse by William Least Heat-Moon have been disastrous.

Picture by M. Conners

So if you will excuse me, it is about time to have another cup of tea and a little something sweet. Then I plan to find my way to the couch and sleep a little more.

Thank God the husband is willing to give the dog his afternoon run walk.