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Last week I wrote about how much we love going to the drive-in theater.

One thing that you always have to be on the lookout for is a good bug spray because once the summer temperatures cool down for the night, the mosquitoes like to come out for a snack. I mentioned BugBands and someone said “tell me more.” So here it is.

Bugs really like this mamma.

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A few years ago, when I was an editor and getting all kinds of good stuff, BugBands came across my desk. My rule of thumb on stuff like this is that I always try it out – always. I am not endorsing something that does not work.

I did the reading and found that the key ingredient is not deet but geraniol, an oil derived from geraniums. In the plants that are bred for oil production it is found that they can repel bugs. Like mosquitoes, no see-ums and other pesky things.

Planters of geraniums can do this on a smaller scale and explains my grandmother’s flower choices.

So on the fourth of July, I put these on my kids’ arms. Sam was a toddler so I strapped one on the stroller.  That was one firework outing where the bugs became less of an issue. I saved the bracelets in the convenient case and used them later on a camping trip by strapping one of the bracelets inside the tent.

Boom, it worked again.

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I may be a farm girl but I really hate bugs. This product makes my life that much easier. And I saw it in stores last summer so I know it is beginning to take off. If you have not seen this product in your stores, you can order it online directly from the BugBand website.

The single band comes in seven different colors, including a glow-in-the-dark bracelet for $4.95 a piece. But go for the family pack of four bracelets that you can get for $14.95.  

When I was on the website for these products I noticed that BugBand now has diffusers and repellant beads.  That makes for various options in case you do not want  your child wearing a bracelet. I put the strap on my belt loop once and had excellent results. There is also a “bed bug” repellant spray.

So there is my testimony about BugBands. How do you keep the mosquitoes away?

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