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Like some of you, I troll around WordPress to see what other people write. I go from Freshly Pressed just to see how the rest of the world blogs. I see various blogs that are different from what I do but on the other hand I want to see how to do it better.

Today, I hit on the blog called Taxpayers Rights.  He was talking about Obama’s speech and I thought I would make the effort to listen to a view differing from mine.  It is good exercise so that when you hear a Limbaugh or Beck type of hater you know how to walk away without getting arrested for beating up a stupid slug.

Most of the time, I try to make a pertinent remark and move on. I go back some days to see what other remarks came about. I will do this especially on political sites because I love this kind of debate.

But here is what I noticed about Dr. Tim of Taxpayers Rights.

There were no comments moderated by 5 pm CDT. And most of his entries have no comments. Well, that happens. I know people peek their heads in here and never leave a comment. LinkedIn articles state I should leave comments so others will follow suit but that seems strange to comment on a blog I wrote.

I checked late this afternoon and then after the kids were in bed. Finally, whatever the rest of us said was posted. I was going to blast him for not allowing comments but then I realized “he must have a real job and can’t get to the computer during the day.”

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He made a comment about expecting more vehement wording but people who disagreed did not get into name-calling. Hate it when you cannot dismiss an entire group of people who disagree with you because they do it in a fairly polite fashion.

Now, another political blog, the ACG Blog, ran in Freshly Pressed today that also went over Obama’s speech. I got the sense that this person is not an Obama supporter. However, he took the time to analyze what the president said without hyperbole, without fight-starting opining.

It was a good post that was interesting, explaining the whys and hows of what Obama was saying with historical perspective. When people talk reasonably I get all gushy and full of love.

Let me ask another question or two. Is it wrong to love a president who doesn’t sound like a buffoon when he talks? Is it wrong to love a president who talks about working hard and sacrificing like the greatest generation – our grandparents and great-grandparents who did it during WWII – knowing there are rough times but we can

Nice Dress. Did you get it with your rebate check? Picture by Taliesin

get through them?

Or would you rather have Bush who gave us our tax refunds early and said “Now go shopping like a good American” while figuratively patting our heads?