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I would like to share something with my faithful readers.

I am involved in something new,  as in a new blog.

My writer’s group graciously allowed me to be in charge of getting a blog together. Members do the hard part which is to put together a blog entry and then I do the easy part. I handle adding the pictures and do the layout.

We just got the blog started this week after a mis-step or two but I thing it looks great. Please check it and let my fellow writers know how great they truly are.



When does blogging become glorified navel gazing?

Perhaps when you realize that nothing is happening in your life or in your world at the moment that you want to share.

Underline ‘want.’

There are ideas and thoughts simmering in my brain right now I simply do not want to talk about. Even as I think about them and could probably list them, there is no way I want to talk about any of these because I do not want to deal with the emotional undertones.

Physical ailments for myself and others brings thoughts of frailty I do not want to mull over.

Dealing with a pastoral changeover makes me stick my head in the ground even more.

While there are a lot of political mutterings in my head, thinking about them makes me explode in ways that are not healthy.

So I choose not to write, I choose not to put my thoughts down more succinctly because them I might have to deal with all of that. Lets face it, eating more chocolate or working in the garden is a bit more fun than ruminating over why Scott Walker should have been recalled or if Mitt Romney really has a chance to make it to the White House.

Not only that, I do not want to think about how football players have been hurting themselves, dying younger than most and having cognitive issues. I don’t want to think about the Jerry Sandusky trial and why the accusers are not being allowed aliases. It makes me wonder if the judge has some sort of tie to Penn State or Sandusky’s charitable organization and if there will be anything close to a fair trial for a man who allegedely abused so many boys. That is not a peaceful thought at all.

Nor do I want to think about a number of people in my relative age range who have died recently from accidents and sudden heart attacks. As one of my friends stated, it makes you wonder about every twinge or pain. Some have even started saying what music they want at their funeral and/or gathering after the funeral. (Mental note, remind mom to tell me exactly which Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin she wants at her funeral)

What I want to do is enjoy the White Sox as they enjoy sitting at first place in their division and find a new book that interests me. Whether I write about it or not is another story for another day.

What keeps you away from the keyboard?



Boy, was I surprised the other day.

It wasn’t the dog displaying some new talent. But if he ever learns to tap dance I will certainly tell you.

It wasn’t a bag of money appearing in my bank account or a shiny new set of cabinets in my kitchen. Nor have I been at a Oprah taping to receive ‘stuff.’

The witty and wonderful Jeanne at Another Stir of the Spoon was awarded with the Stylish Blogger award. Those of us who head over there on a regular basis know it is totally deserved on Jeanne’s part. I can even look over the fact that she is a Packers fan. Do you even get a choice when you live in northeastern Wisconsin? I mean, what else is there to do up there beyond gawk at flora and fauna or cook? If I had Jeanne’s kitchen, I might cook all of the time as well.

I do not know who to give credit for this lovely image but here it is!

As I was reading through the winners – a lot of book people by the way – I suddenly noticed my name. Notes From Rumbly Cottage. She gave me the award and said many nice things about my blog!!!!! Woo-hoo.

The funny thing is the week before we were having a discussion in one of my posts about being freshly pressed. I was told that particular entry should have been featured for the day and it was a shame it was not. That is when I replied that I do not expect to get pressed – ever. From what people have told me it is a crap shoot at best although it is quite the ego boost when it happens.  Though I have written some funny pieces and some heavy emotional pieces that I think should have gotten pressed, it hasn’t happened. And I am not going to obsess about it – too much.

Now, onto the business of the award. The Stylish Blogger award requires the winner to 1) acknowledge and link to your nominator; 2)write seven things about yourself; 3)nominate six other worthy bloggers; and 4) inform those worthy bloggers of their award. 

Since No. 1 has been taken care of in such a grand style, let’s move on to the rest.

Seven Things You May or May Not Know About Me.

1. I am truly self-absorbed. The world does revolve around me and no one else. I am happy to share my universe with you.

2. One of my favorite books in the world is Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. I haven’t read it in a while which means I need to put that on my list of things to do.

3. I love to garden. I like getting my hands in the dirt and putting in new plants every year. However, I do not like formal gardens all that much.

4. I miss having a cat. My husband is a dog person and our current dog would not tolerate having a cat in the house. Someday, I will have a cat in the house again.

5. I make more spelling and grammar mistakes than anyone should. I have to force myself to read all of my posts  and comments in case I have typed too fast and left out an important ltter or to.

6. I grew up on a farm with a big red barn and a corn crib. We had chickens and a big garden. That farmland is now a subdivision that knocked out every little hill and the hedgerows.

7. If I work for you, I will work my ass off. I will try to come up with ideas to make things work better although I will have my days to be a total idiot as well. All I ask in return is to be treated decently and for you to act in an ethical manner so I do not have to bring it to your attention in case you do not.

Now for those who will receive a Stylish Blogger  award from me. This was really hard to do. I visit a number of good writers, some of whom have already received this kind of award. I also wanted to honor those whose pictures give me joy and inspiration on a regular basis.

1. Living Dilbert may have taken a break for a while but I have consistently laughed at her posts about outrageous behavior from her bad bosses. Two months ago, she escaped with her sense of humor firmly intact and has returned this week to the blogging scene. Just the header photo alone gives you a sense of the topic.

2. The one blog I share with my kids is Lego My Photo.  We love seeing what the Lego guys are up to every week and the kids wonder how they can create what this guy does. Gorilla on a bicycle, hiker building his dream house (with an outdoor grilling area), easy vader are just a few of the gems you have to check out.

3. When I need to be emotionally inspired I check out They Call Me Jane. Jane has never failed to uplift or put words to something I had been feeling and wanted to write about. Problem is, she does it before I do and much more succinctly.  I hate her, I love her, I hate her, I wish I wrote half as well.

4. Mia’s Country Living is done by a blogger in Norway. Mia has a homestead with farm animals and she spends a lot of time crafting. Her denim quilt inspired me to post my quilt. Her work inspires me to get out the fabric, especially blue and white which looks so crisp and clean. Her tiny home is un-naturally neat, something I look forward to having when my house is not filled with children.

5. Another inspiring crafter blog I like to visit is Terri’s Notebook. Whether it is a color project for class or taking time to use scraps to create quilt blocks that are used to make a purse, I am always fascinated by Terri’s color combinations. Plus, she likes to hike and garden, then show the pictures.

6. As I said before, I visit a number of good writers. I love them all but, obviously, I cannot list them all. Well, I do in my blog roll. But here and now my sixth and final Stylish Blogger award goes to Plane Janer’s Journey. Jane is the smart and funny and occasionally whacked out friend I have yet to acquire. I feel like I am listening to sage advice, an understanding of life that I have not yet attained with a dollop of good humor. I laugh, I cry and sometimes I really hate her for writing at such a higher level. But then she comes back with some smart-ass remark and I remember why I love her so.

Picture by Luis Rock 62

So please visit all of these wonderful people who do good work on a daily basis.  All have been informed and I hope making nominations of their own. After I get done reading my fellow award winners I am off to the award ceremony.

Jeanne, there had better be some Pinot Grigio and really good Wisconsin cheese on the hors d’oeuvre table. Perhaps, I will bring my triple chocolate pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. It is worth breaking every diet in the world.

Scratching My Head

I always wonder if fellow bloggers look at their stats and wonder why people read the postings they read.

I know I do.

Picture by Wcizmowski

I started writing more gardening posts because I noticed that people liked these and tended to comment on them. I posted once about the antics performed by my dog and notice that people had something to say so I do those on a somewhat regular basis.

For those regular visitors, you might see that months and months ago I wrote on pie. I used a quote from the movie Michael starring John Travolta, Andie McDowell and William Hurt. People look up pictures of cherries, cherry pie and “Pie, Pie, Me oh my, I love Pie” that helps them find this blog. It is one of two of the most popular posts on this blog.

The other is the post I did on Elephant Ears vs. Funnel Cakes. I tried to decide which one is better and I still have not decided. The article and the two pictures of the aforementioned food has been viewed many times over. And yet…

And yet no one has ever commented. I thought carnival food would be a slam dunk for comments. Everyone has a favorite food that comes from county fairs, carnivals and festivals. Surely someone would talk about how they love deep fried twinkies or pretzels or funnel cakes.

Funnel Cake, picture by Bandini

The same about my pie posting. No one wanted to discuss that they preferred blueberry or French silk or rum raisin. No one comments on how much they like or hate John Travolta. And that cute little song? Not a peep on how much enjoyment this movie has given over the years.

Just  yesterday I read a post  by a young man who is sick of “dating stories” blogs that tell details of dates that went wrong. Or at least wrong in the eye of the writer. He questioned if those blogs were just using a life experience for self-aggrandizing? Well, yes they are. But isn’t that what we all do with any of our blogs?

I write up the funny stories of my dog and post pictures of my garden to share my life. I share my opinion of serious issues and total silliness.

Other people share pictures of their travels, their crafts and home improvement. I have read blogs on parents dealing with their child who has autism, the writer’s life, fabulous cooking and getting out of debt without asking for money. I have read blogs from people living in Norway, India, Haiti and Russia.

What we are all searching for is a witness to our life (line stolen from Shall We Dance). We are searching for like-minded people to affirm the paths we have chosen to follow or to help us find a different and better path. And when people stop by and say what they like, it is a wonderful feeling.

It’s that “You  like me. You really like me” moment that you do not have to share with Sally Field. You can do it in your yoga pants or pj’s or naked.

We all have our reasons for writing and sharing. Some of us hope to bring understanding of our life to the masses. Some of us want to share some of the cool things we have seen in our world. I am willing to guess most want desperately to be freshly pressed or, if not, appreciate when it happens but understands that life keeps going on.

In the meantime, I will keep looking forward to seeing what people are reading but not commenting about every week.

And wishing that they would comment.