As the weather gets cooler, I am in the mood to get back to the kitchen.

It is not like I have not looked at recipes all summer. It is not that I haven’t wanted to cook. But the summer heat takes all of my energy away as well as my appetite.

But with colder temperatures coming on, the coziest place in my house is the kitchen.

I found a recipe for boneless pork chops with sauteed Brussels sprouts and a sour cream sauce. I found this recipe at I may have seen it on my Facebook feed. And then I did what I do best – I made a print out and planned when to make it.  I had to put it off. A late summer heat wave forced me to put it to the side.

But then the weather worked in my favor. We went shopping and a collective groan came from the children as I put Brussels Sprouts in the basket. They could not believe I would subject them to such horror.

So we moved on. Later that week the husband bought boneless pork chops. That is a very important aspect to the recipe. It becomes difficult the pound the meat when a bone in the way.

Brussels Sprouts simmering in the pan.

So on the day of the meal I took about a pound of Brussels Sprouts,washed them and cleaned off the ends and dried out top leaves before halving the little green balls. Once that was done, I threw them into a pan with plenty of butter.

After they turned a nice color, I removed them from the pan and kept them warm. As I was sauteing the sprouts, I put the pork chops beteween sheets of plastic wrap and used my rolling pin to flatten the chops to about a 1/4 inch thickness. I dredged them in a flour mixture with salt, pepper, and paprika. I added more butter to the pan and fried those little tenderloins.

First side in the pan.

They were not so little but about four minutes on each side did the trick. They were a nice golden brown color once I flipped them over.

Don’t they look great?

Once all of the chops were cooked so that they were only a little pink on the edges, I placed the Sprouts and Chops in a platter. I made a quick sauce with sour cream, brown sugar, and a bit of milk that I heated in the pan after sauteing the veggies and meat.

Hey, Good Looking.

I paired this with rice since we had a nice sauce. The husband drank a red wine. I did not since wine tends to put me to sleep. As for the kids, two hated their ‘no  thank you’ servings of the sprouts. The oldest ate his serving and the others as well. There was nothing left once the meal was over.

Bummer because that would have made a good lunch the next day.

What have you been cooking lately?