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Surprises in the Garden

Every year, I can count on not knowing what is going to appear next.

Last year I was surprised by the super-tall sunflower and strawberries in the flocks. The year before that, I had a volunteer tomato plant in with the flowers.

There is always something surprising.

This year has been a whole host of surprises.

First was the pink Impatiens plant in the flat of red flowers the husband picked up for me.


Pink in a sea of red.

When I planted these guys, I noticed the first one. The second one was a surprise because not all of the plants had bloomed. The third one was placed in the middle of the red ones on purpose.

The next surprise was a plant I had never seen before, certainly did not plant and did not recognize until I did a search only to find it at an Illinois wildflower site.

Evening Primrose

I thought this was a Joe Pie Salad plant. Wrong!!! But it is lovely just the same and blooms in the evening. That was a nice surprise.

The other day I was looking at a new lily I planted. Could have sworn I order an orange-colored flower. But this is what came up.

It is not a Surprise Lily but what is it?


I was expecting a different flower than this. Problem is I don’t know what I have. Oriental Lily, yes. Variety, not sure.

While I was pondering this, I looked up and noticed another surprise.

Cream Hollyhock


A pure cream-colored Hollyhock. My other cream-colored flowers has veins of color running through them but not this one. I think I know at least one flower I am showing at the County Fair.

Right before I put the camera away I had been trying to get a picture of butterfly. Neither one of us was very patient for that. However, that is when this bright patch of blue grabbed my attention.

Bachelor Button Blue


This plant is hidden in the Obedience Plant and another Hollyhock. But here is it, so deeply brilliant. Makes me wonder what I might see next week.

What surprises are in your garden?


Front Garden End of June

I know by looking at this picture it  is simply not doing total justice to the real beauty that exists. You cannot see the yellow and red blanket flowers, the blue from the Bachelor Buttons or the beginning of the cone flowers.  All you can see is the mass of green.
The peonies are done and recently dead-headed. I had to do the same to the roses. But all of the recent rain has created a mass of buds on the rose-bush so there will be more blooms there very soon.
One of the flowers that is about to go into a bloom cycle is the purple Cone Flower. Where this one came from, I am not sure. I planted two cone flower plants but they are still short and not showing any blooms.

Purple Cone Flower

This one is a volunteer.  Surprise!!! It might have come from  a plant I put in a few years ago or seeds I might have planted. But gardens do that. Just when you think nothing is coming up the next thing you know lots of things come up.

Tiger Lily

My Tiger Lillies were planted the first year we lived in the house. I have them next to the peonies in front of the rose-bush. The orange plays well off of the red roses. the only difficulty to their livelihood is being located next to the porch stairs and rail that have toy cars flying off and into the plant. The cars must be rescued by a five-year-old who does not care about flowers and that a particular plant is about to go into bloom.

Bachelor Button

When I see Bachelor Buttons I think of A Room With A View in which the spinster sisters go a little wild and allow them to be placed in their hair.

Blanket Flower

I also like this pop of blue in my garden. The problem I am having right now is getting them to spread a little more.

I cannot say the same about my Blanket Flower plant. It comes back and spreads. There is no rhyme or reason on the where but I accept it for the gift it is. Then I hope it will play well with others.
What are the great plants in your garden right now?