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Grammy Inspiration

Everyone has their own take on Whitney Houston who died this past weekend. My own take will come later this week.

Image by popplepop

However, today I want to ask people who is the artist/singer/band who speaks to your soul.

For me at this time it is Adele. I love her voice, her demeanor, the passion with which she sings. While I like Katy Perry, Madonna and Lady Gaga (They have wonderful voices when you listen to their recordings), their performance becomes style over substance. Although, I have to had it to Katy. Setting fire to an ice sculpture of a man after the divorce is final is a great send off to the ex.

But when you consider the money and awards that Adele has earned since her break-up songs on her “21” album, perhaps there are other ways of celebrating that break-up. Then again, her ex tried to demand royalties because of the inspiration he gave her. Yeah, that is not happening.

I am also becoming a big fan of Foo Fighters and David Grohl. Her is his acceptance speech from last night.

“This is a great honour, because this record was a special record for our band. Rather than go to the best studio in the world down the street in Hollywood and rather than use all of the fanciest computers that money can buy, we made this one in my garage with some microphones and a tape machine…

“To me this award means a lot because it shows that the human element of music is what’s important. Singing into a microphone and learning to play an instrument and learning to do your craft, that’s the most important thing for people to do.

“It’s not about being perfect, it’s not about sounding absolutely correct, it’s not about what goes on in a computer. It’s about what goes on in here [your heart] and what goes on in here [your head].”

After his acceptance speech, the husband and I looked at our aspiring drummer, saying  “what he just said that is what you need to do.” 

So who is inspiring you?


Just a song or two…

Wordless Wednesday

Picture by Mods

Today I am sharing a few of my favorite songs. The first is a Rolling Stones song. I used to hate them when I was a kid. But these days, I understand them better. This song is one of my favorites, love it for not being a traditional song – Mick is rapping a bit – and the really bad back-up by Keith and Ron.


Shattered by the Rolling Stones

The next I love because Adele is one of the best singers I have ever heard. This song was recorded when she was 19. I never had this amount of vocal shading before listening and studying Reba McIntire; Adele’s talent is only going to grow.



This last one hits me there, you know what I mean. Those English girls really do it well.

What are your favorite songs?