Family Movie Night


by Karyn Bowman


Hollywood actors come and go.


Paul Walker F&FThey lose popularity, make some bad film choices that make people want to forget them, or die young.


When I heard the news about Paul Walker over the weekend, I knew that fans of the Fast and Furious franchise would be sad to see the passing of this man. He was the rock of the series, the one character who didn’t seem crazy. He held it all together even during the worst of times.


Walker also had a reputation of being a good guy off of the movie set as well. I read one story in which he paid for the wedding ring of a soldier’s bride-to-be when he noticed the couple were having difficulties paying for one while in a jewelry store. The toy drive and charitiable event he was at on Saturday was to help survivors of the typhoon that ripped through the Philippines.

Paul Walker Eight below

One movie critic friend, Peter Sobczynski, wrote on and Dash about how Walker gave a good interview for a so-so movie while sick with a viral illness. Sobczynski stated that Walker was more gracious than he had to be while talking about some of his goals for the future. Could have Walker matured into an A-list actor? The possibility was there.


At my house, it seems that should a Fast and Furious movie be on any TV network it will appear on my TV. My husband, who is not mechanical whatsoever and not much of a car guy period, will stop and watch this series no matter what. It was this series that propelled Walker to fame but he was no over-night-success.


Walker started acting as a child, slowly making he was through TV shows and made-for-TV movies. The Young and the Restless fans might remember him as Brandon Collins. Appearances in Pleasantville, She’s All That, and Varsity Blues built as career as a solid actor.


The movie I remember him for, other than the big franchise, was Eight Below. It is a story about a guide in Antarctica who is forced to leave his sled dogs during the bitterest part of winter due to a major storm. Walker spend the rest of the movie trying to find a way back to rescue his animals. It is a movie based on a true story that was sad and sweet in many ways.


Paul Walker HoursWalker has one movie scheduled for release this month called Hours in which he plays a man trying to save his newborn child during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Another movie, Brick Mansions, is scheduled for release in 2014. At the time of his death, the seventh Fast and Furious movie was in production. Vin Diesel has expressed his grief at the loss of a close cast mate but it will be in his hands as how the franchise moves forward.


In the meantime, expect a Fast and Furious marathon. Or better yet, rent some of Walker’s other movies to remember another talent gone too soon.



Until next week, see you in the Rental Aisle.