Over the years I have heard many people talk about the “damn kids” and the trouble they cause and that they are the reason why are country is going to hell in a hand basket.

Tattoos, and consumerism and the lack of God in their lives is bringing this country down. Alcohol and drug abuse has never been like it is now. And what about these marriages that do not stick together.

I hear it every week and quite frankly IT PISSES ME OFF.

We sit there and complain about the kids and young people these days. Just like they did in Plato’s day, just like they did during the Jazz Age and the 1960s. I hate to break it to you oldsters, but we got the example how not to live from somewhere. And I am pointing my finger right at you!

I remember when the talk was that the role of President was going to jump over the Baby Boomers. Things were going to jump from George H.W Bush to someone who was not even born in the Baby Boomer era BECAUSE that group was too selfish, too shallow.

Hello Bill Clinton, W, and Obama – three men who were born in the Baby boomer era and became president. So much for the jump-over.

That is not what I want to talk about today. Instead, I want to bring up a man who was featured in Sports Illustrated this week. This man was a football coach at a high school in Ohio that managed to survive a shooting. While three students died, more deaths were prevented when this offensive line coach chased after the shooter.

image from sports.yahoo.com

image from sports.yahoo.com

He did this while the shooter tried to take aim at him. He did this even though it could have ended his life and made a widow out of his wife. And when he chased the kid out of the school, he went back to the first room, the school cafeteria, and sat with those three boys as they were dying.

That takes guts. But this is not the end of his story. Months later after dealing with depression and PTSS, this coach hears of an opportunity to work at a high school that his own high school had merged into. The school is in a bad town, poorer than poor tax base, and kids who were just told by their old coach they were worthless.

He never understood why God save him that awful day when a student started firing in the school cafeteria. But he decided to take a chance, to let abandoned kids know what it is like to have an adult care about you.

So for those of you who complain about kids today and do nothing but sit on your butt, here is an example of a man who is doing something. What you should be asking is “Why can’t I be more like Frank Hall?”

Well, why can’t you?