Normally, I would post something about movies today – or at least thinking about it. But today you can see my work over at The 4 Mothers 1Blog. These four gals are Canadians who write about all aspects of parenting – the good, bad and downright ugly. But they do so in a honest manner that I love. I do not read them enough.

But today, after you read my guest post, I would hope that you would read some of their other posts. I read one the other day about how the other three got the fourth to write about her miscarriage. I have read posts about traveling and dealing with hospital stays and the frustration of people who do not get why they have to make classroom snack concessions for your child’s allergies.

Poignant, tangible, touching. I think these words describe their blog and make it worth your time to spend a little bit with Marcelle, Carol, Nathalie and Beth-Anne.



For those of you visiting my blog for the first time, thank you for stopping by. You will find liberal rants, garden pictures, movie reviews, recipes, and stories of my impossibly cute children and dog. You will also find stories of my battle with weight and book reviews. There is a quilt picture in the archives as well. But that is my house and my life – a messy hodge-podge slowly taking form.

Now if you will excuse me, it is County Fair week. And there is a Red Velvet Funnel Cake with my name on it.