One of the things I like about January is that my schedule slows down – sort of. Instead of having something to do every day, I have things to do every other day. Some days are doubled booked but it is not as bad as during the month of December.

This past Saturday, for example, I dropped my daughter off to enjoy a day with the Girl Scouts as they kick off their annual Cookie Sales. In the morning my husband took in a local boat show with a neighbor so I had our kids plus the neighbor girl who spent the night. There was game playing with Lego Batman Wii and hair being brushed into designs. We picked up items for supper (Muenster cheese and bread for grilled cheese sandwiches) and I dropped the girls for their big trip. Then in the afternoon I was able to leave the house, sans kids, and do what I needed to do. 

Image by Jentsoi

It was great. I stopped in a local resale shop that has great clothes, got my hair cut, picked out paint chips, pick up a present for my parents (from which last month’s brake job took money), stopped in the fabric store, picked up newspapers and rented dvds. Four hours of going around town doing what I needed to do at my own pace.

As much as we all like the holiday season, I believe there is a collective sigh of relief somewhere around epiphany. The holidays are over and there are no more forced celebratory gatherings till “The Big Game” or Valentine’s Day. No more egg nog or fruitcake. The champagne is all gone and the christmas ornaments have been put away for the next 11 months. There is a relief in knowing we can go at our own pace and not at dictated events.

Granted, there are a few things to the schedule. We have one child in volleyball. We have friends with children in basketball. Those winter sports will keep us active but not frantically so. We will have time to just relax and maybe take a nap.

It might be rude to admit but I am looking forward to that step down in busyiness.

How is your January schedule looking?