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It is the final week of Christmas. Everyone is happy and cheery.

I am a Grinch.

We were planning a trip to my parents house for Christmas. Because of that I was  arguing to not have a tree to which my husband told me “that’s just wrong.” So this past weekend we trekked out to the tree farm, picked a small tree and brought it home.

After a weekend of holiday busyness and flu.

That’s right, just before the office party Friday night, I was sicker than a dog. Once I got to the party and smelled the fried and spicy foods that I would normally eat, I left early. There is nothing like seeing your favorite food (shrimp) and not being able to eat it.

Because one must persevere, I brought up the boxes of ornaments and lights. The lights went around the tiny white pine and it began to look better, right until I found out all of our ornament hooks were missing except for about a dozen.

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I almost started crying right there and then.

This was worse than the milk going sour but certainly better than when the brakes went out on my minivan – as I was driving it.

I was going downhill when the brakes stopped working. I felt like I was in a movie where a driver keeps pumping to no effect. Strangely enough, I was able to coast all the way to my office without breaking laws, hitting other cars or destroying my car. For me, it was an unbeatable sign of faith  and that I was not alone in that van.

The van is now at the garage, repaired and waiting for me to pick it up. With it sits my hopes of getting away even if it was only for a weekend.

Monet Scarf Project

New hooks have been bought and I made chocolate cake out of the sour milk. Christmas shopping is getting done and maybe I will get some baking done. After all, Santa needs his cookies and Egg Nog (liberally spiked with Rum) on Christmas Eve.

This Grinch now feels happy to be alive but a little let down. I have to gather the presents meant for my parents, wrap them and pack them up to send to Missouri. Perhaps this is for the best as snow storms are rolling across the plains towards the Show-Me-State.

Flecks Scarves

When one needs to lift their spirits the best thing to do is to have a little chocolate and an easy craft project on the side. I am making scarves for the mitten tree at church.

I am playing with the “flecks” style-yarn and a varigated yarn called “Monet.” These are so pretty it is hard to give them away. Then again I can always make one for myself, maybe the person who will get the scarf cannot.

How are you dealing with the Grinch-y feelings this Christmas season?