Last week, I raved about my crockpot. How with this one piece of cooking equipment, I am a goddess in the kitchen.

I am capable of making sauces that make you cry with joy. I can bake wonderful cookies and bread pudding and so much more from scratch. So while I know real cooks read my blogs, make snarky comments to themselves or in the comment section while wondering how does a poor person like this live with themselves, I know I am capable of cooking real food.

What I love making more than anything is comfort food. I am talking about food you want to eat on a cold day that is nowhere near to being healthy. Memphis corn pudding, rich soups, bread pudding,  chicken breasts in various cream and wine sauces, stuffed shells swimming in tomato sauce. When I have fruit I put them in muffins and cakes. I want to master oriental noodle dishes because my oldest loves them.  

So today’s recipe is another recipe I make in my crockpot. I tend to put things in the pot without measurement. I went to my deli and bought a slab of boiled ham about 1/2 thick. I also bought an onion and beer. At the house I already had potatoes, cheddar and swiss cheese, and some rosemary.

Potato and ham

First things first, I diced the onion and began to saute it in the pan. Next came diced bits of the ham. While the onions are becoming clear, I begin to peel and dice seven potatoes. All are placed in the crockpot. I then add enough water to just below the top of the potatoes and place on the cover. This part ofthe concoction sits on high for a few hours. We do some errands, take the dog for a walk and return home. The potatoes are beginning to break up. I add some rosemary that I crush by hand.

The Cheeses and Beer

I leave things alone for awhile and make cookie dough with cinnamon chips. Then I begin making oatmeal schotchies with dough I made earlier. I stir the soup again, breaking up more of the potato. This is when I add the beer. I leave the lid off of the bubbling mass so the alcohol can cook out a bit. Twenty or so minutes later I am adding 1/2 cup each of grated cheddar and swiss cheeses. I serve the soup soon after that.

Well, some people complain that they do not like this soup. Others are overjoyed that their favorite soup is being made this week. One of our guests asks for seconds. Not a single bowl came back with any soup left.

What matters most is that on a day that got colder as time went on is that there was a wonderfully soul-warming  soup ready for supper.