Product Thursday

Planning weddings can be arduous.

There are so many things to think about from dress colors (and flattering style for every shape of bridesmaids) to the favors to be given to guests.

It used to be match books printed with the couple’s name and wedding date were expected to be there. Everyone smoked – inside – and this was an easy favor. It made a nice keepsake to use with candles and such unless the bride left the box at home – as I did.

In the last few years several of my nieces have gotten married. The last wedding took place this summer. We were not able to go and I am not getting into the details of why.

Suffice it to say that I saw pictures of the bride and she was as beautiful, as glowing as any bride. Happiness beamed from her very being. There might have been a halo around her from the aura of happiness.

About a month ago a package came from my father-in-law, who did attend the wedding. He sent pictures and notes to each of our kids and some seed packets. packet for the wedding, picture by Karyn Bowman.

I thought these were meant for my daughter who grew produce as a part of her 4H projects this summer. That is until I saw the flower packet and took a good long look.

This wasn’t an heirloom pack of wildflowers but a favor from the wedding with the couple’s name and date of the wedding.

It was so cute that I had to check out the website of the company Seed Packets 2 U just to see all of the products they make.

If I was getting married now, I am sure I would use these. There were several designs so that if you are more of a clean lines or a black-and-white girl, your seed packet could have that look.

Others looked like heirloom designs and Maxwell Parrish-inspired paintings of women. Recycled paper was another option for the envelope itself.

All I know is that I have the spot picked out for my pack of seeds and I am looking forward to seeing what is in the seed packet next year when I plant it.

What else is being used in these modern days as a wedding favor?

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