Product Thursday

Do you have a boy crazy about Hot Wheels? When you go to the store does he beg for you to buy him a new car because after all they are only a dollar?

Does he have so many he can take his collection in for 100 day at school?

Then you understand my life. The thing is I find them to be pretty cool myself. And this week for Product Thursday we have a special product from the Hot Wheels Company.

It is “The Hammerhead.”  It is designed by Dale Earnhardt Jr. and is seriously cool. The boy was excited when he found out we had a new Hot Wheel in the house.

Holding the package.

So here he is before gleefully ripping of the packaging (which was easy to do).

The next thing I know, he is trying out the car and doing all sorts of tricks with it. We had to see how fast it rolled on our wood floors and how fast it could fly in the air. Oh, and then there was the pile up it had to fly over. The car survived all of its trials and tribulations, which to me is worth it. Because when we visit Grandma, who is a big NASCAR fan, he will sit and watch races with her.

Then we had to line it up with the other favorite cars in his collection.

It moved with other cars with clear tops.



It moved with cars with cool side detailing.


It moved with other cool cars.

So here is the exciting wording from the company but Sam did not care about that.

Beware of the Hammerhead – no, not the shark, but the new dream car designed by Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Hot wheels.

Just in time for back-to-school, Hot Wheels has teamed up with the NASCAR superstar Dale Earnhardt, Jr. to design his ultimate dream car (photos attached), along with a corresponding clothing line kids will love. It’s the first time that a  Hot Wheels Designed By program has expanded beyond toy to include a celebrity-designed lifestyle experience with apparel and accessories.

The “Hammerhead,” one of Earnhardt Jr.’s nicknames, features classic ’50s hot rod looks with edgy ’60s muscle car styling. The suggested retail price of the “Hammerhead” is $1.09 with the clothing line ranging in price from $7-$12.99, available exclusively at Wal-Mart stores nationwide.

His birthday is coming up and a new shirt might be in order to go with this great new car.

BTW, I have an extra car to giveaway. There are no special questions or hoops to jump through. Just tell Sam and I what special trick you will make this  car do once it becomes a part of your collection. You must do this in the comment section and Sam will have the final say as to which trick is the coolest.


Look at this car. Don’t you want it for your collection?


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