Product Thursday

If you start talking to my husband about mowing the grass, chances are he is going to rave about his push mower.

The trusty circular mower.

I don’t mean one that you fill with gas and push around the yard. I mean the circular blade that makes the funny sound as you push it along. Row after row he pushes that mower. And when the boys have to use it, they complain and wish we had a gas-powered lawn mower.

But that ain’t going to happen.

He really likes using this mower, loves the fact that it gives good exercise when he has been sitting at a computer all day.

When it is time to mow, all he has to do is get his trusty craftsmanpush mower out of the garage. There is no need to fill it with gas. His energy propels the mower forward. It is a good thing we have a small yard.

Allof this is a part of his lawncare philosophy. Keep the grass at least three inches long to promote good root growth. Don’t use fertilizer or weed & feed or any lawn care product.

Perhaps that makes us crazy green people. But when you look at my lawn you will not see brown patched that were over-fertilized and now has burned roots.

Do you have any green lawncare practices?