Product Thursday

Let’s be fair. Last week I talked about coffee. This week I am talking about tea.

While I do drink a bunch of coffee, especially after I learned that there are plenty of antioxidants in coffee, what I drink at the beginning of the day and towards the end is tea.

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I prefer a Bigelow Green Tea to start my day. But I tend to end my day with iced tea at supper. Lately it has been the Numi Starlight Rose white tea.

You can taste the rose in it. But it is not over-powering. There seems to be a touch of Jasmine as well.

What makes Numi so special  – and so expensive – is that the flowering teas are hand stitched and all of the teas are made with fair trade ingredients. The flowering teas blossom as they brew in the water. It is a very pretty effect and you can use the ‘flower’ up to three times. This is stunning, especially if you have a clear glass teapot.

I do not and that is just as well. The pot would have been broken three times over by now considering the dog, the boys and the husband who all do not get why I like pretty things. 

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If they are smart, they will get why I like this tea and not spill any.

You can order this product online at the Numi website and learn about the brother-sister team that created this product. She has several art degrees and wanted to go in business with the brother. It is a cool story and you should read it.

You can also buy Numi Teas at Amazon as well. Good deals are bound to be found somewhere.

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