Product Thursday

Last week we needed to take a break. Sometimes life can get stale in the cottage and  you need to break away, see new things and get new ideas.

One of the new ideas came while we were at a soccer festival in the city. Our friends’ daughter is in AYSO and they were having a mini festival. There was food and bounce houses and a climbing wall.  We brought cookies to share.

picture by J Durham

Side note: I recently read a story about bounce houses being dangerous. It seems so sad that everything that kids can have fun doing is nothing more than a lethal object ready to kill them at a moment’s notice.

One of the things that the group doing the meal handed out to every one was this package of candy. Kazoolzles from Wonka Candy. Of course, I was skeptical. Of course, I was afraid it would not be tasty.

And then I ate nearly one package by myself.

Most people know the strawberry or cherry flavored licorice ropes. Those are tasty. I could eat them all day. But Wonka thought “What if we put some sort of flavoring in the middle of the rope? A flavor like fruit punch?”

And here is the picture...

In the middle of this tube of red licorice (so much better than black), there is blue stuff that has a bit of a tang but not too much. Once I started eating it was hard to stop. The kids liked it too. It was called food stuff but lets face it there was nothing healthy about Kazoozles.

As I was looking around for where to buy this wonderful candy, I found out its origins were the SweeTart ropes which have been discontinued. The Kazoozles are the replacement candy.  You might have to look around for it or buy it in bulk on The Candyland website.

I think this makes a perfect beach  or camping or outing of any sort snack. The package is easy to open. You have to pull the individual pieces apart from the rest in the package like you do for other flavored licorice. There are several flavors so kids can trade back and forth.

Editor’s note: Picture to come later today.