June is the month of roses.

My roses are going crazy right now, one of the benefits of a very rainy spring.

Roses from the driveway.

My $5 rose-bush from Wal-Mart continues to be a great bloomer. I believe the secrets is that I have never trimmed the branches below the graft point. I give it a 20-minute drink two times a week.

View of Roses from the front walk.


The other thing I do is deadhead spent blooms. That way the plant focuses on making more blooms and not seed production. I am not the only one with a great rose display. This picture is on my way to work.

Roses on a Fence

I saw this bush earlier in the spring wrapped around the fence. It looked cool and I wondered how the plant would look once it bloomed. And so it has…

This next plant is a rare specimen in my garden.

Purple Spider Wort

I have a ton of Spider Wort that is Fuchsia in color, as you can see in the background. This one is purple, given to me by Dawna, but I only have a few of them.  I am hoping that next year more will spread.

Last but not least is the latest tree to bloom in a gentle sweet smell. The sycamore has giant flowers and a seed pod.  Oh, and it looks spectacular.

Sycamore Tree

And now for a little love song from Cass Elliot on the Smothers Brothers Show.