You would never know it by looking at me but …

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I listen to sports radio.

Not all of the time, mind you, but I do enjoy listening when playoffs hit our town or baseball season is on or football is in the thick of things. I love it when the guys share their behind-the-scenes insight what they have seen of various stars when they are not in the sport’s arena.

I find myself listening to it when I am going to work or leaving from work. Sometimes when I am folding laundry in the evening I purposely turn it on to listen to “The People’s Hour.” I find the conversation more real, more interesting and less heart-attack inducing than the political talk-radio programs. For me, sports is entertainment, not life-or-death, and therefore I have the ability to not be so involved that I cannot enjoy some of the dumb-ass exchanges that occur.

People can be idiots in assuming a hurt player is not so hurt because he is not showing his pain or that a star player is a show off and not the real deal. Hosts will give them enough rope to hang themselves and that can be enjoyable.

I became a fan because my husband listens to one particular station all of the time. At first I only liked a particular pair but as time has gone on and they have changed personel around, I have grown to like several of the different hosts. Even the blowhard who does the midday show. I used to listen to him when he was first coming up and now I really enjoy what he has to say.

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What I hate is the guys who contiually grunt or growl – as if that is thoughtful sports talk. Nope, nope, nope. Ain’t going to listen to that. I don’twant to hear extended bellyaching or yelling and shouting that takes the place of discussion. I call it Rah-Rah-Roar although really it should be Rah-Rah-Bore. Someone must like it or guys would not keep doing it. I turn off the radio when it happens. I might even get a little reactive and tell my husband to turn that “damn station off.”

Chances are when I am driving home tonight, I will be listening to that station. Why? Because our basketball team is in the playoffs, our baseball teams really suck and I want to know if football is coming back this fall.

And if the hosts want to let loose with a little dirt or call out those guys who ruin sports by using steroids, I want to hear it.