Do you know what gets me going, makes me into a raving lunatic willing to commit heinous crimes besides child rapists and murderers?

Picture by Jppi

People who sit around thinking only they have the right to an opinion that can be said or written out loud.

This past weekend I saw a story in my local paper about a teen in Cherry Hill, New Jersey being threatened by people because she challenged Michelle Backman to a debate on the Constitution. Minnesota representative Bachman is a tea party favorite and irritating in the way a one-note candidate can be.

People saw the girl’s letter and called her a ‘whore.’ People have anonymously made death threats against her which the police are not taking seriously.  You mean you can’t tell the girl she is wrong and move on? You have to call her names that are not fitting to the situation to make yourself feel better?

I have been sitting on this outrage since bin Laden was killed and some felt that we should not have given the terrorist as much respect as we did show him after his death. God forbid you should state something like “I don’t want to celebrate that man’s death.”

I got hit by a friend on facebook for agreeing to that comment. That same conversation got hit by a military person trying to shame the original commenter. That military person later told me in a private message that you have to “earn the right” to free speech.

Really? Really?

So just who does have the right to free speech in this country. If it is only the military because they have ‘served’ how far is it to say only those who have been in combat or only those in leadership? Not too far in my opinion.

Mayflower Harbor by William Halsall, 1882; Image from Wikipedia.

Who else might have the only right to free speech in this country? How about only those people who can prove that they are related to the people from the Mayflower? That leaves us in a conundrum. Presidents Adams, J.Q. Adams, Taylor, Grant, F.D. Roosevelt, Bush and G.W. Bush (on both sides) are all descendants as are Sarah Palin, Hugh Hefner, Richard Gere and Alec Baldwin.

Remember when Alec Baldwin said he was going to move if G.W. Bush was re-elected? If you go by the rule that only Mayflower descendants can have free

Joseph Smith, Founder of the Mormon Church and descendant of a Mayflower passenger; Image from

speech, Baldwin has the right because he is descended from John Howland as is the Bush family, Dr. Spock and Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church.  

Websites state there are millions of descendants to the original Mayflower families and people simply do not know about it. Maybe it is you. I doubt if it is me because my family members came during the late 1800s till the 1910s. Some of my family have served in the army but I have not.

Does this mean I do not have the right to free speech? I hope that is not the case because I actually take time to vote in every election. I have missed only one in the last thirty years and I still feel guilty about it. Perhaps voting should be the only criteria. It requires effort to go to a voting booth and to register beforehand. You have to get off the couch and leave the cheese doodles for the dog.

Personally, I think only those people who actually vote should get the right to free speech because they are actually participating in the government that our forefathers created when they wrote the Constitution. Ah, the rub. It is in the first amendment stating that all shall  have freedom of speech. 

U.S. Constitution; Image from Wikipedia

Granted, there would be legal wrangling what is free speech. It would take a while before women  received the right to vote and all persons would be granted to right to freedom from persecution that would prevent them from voting. But it is there – giving all of us the right to free speech.

You can be the most sensible person, the most faithful, the most obnoxious person in the country (Fred from Kansas, please stand up) or whatever mix you create. No one outranks anyone else. No one can ever be made nobility in this country. That means no one else has the right to free speech over another person NO MATTER WHAT.

It is all there in the Constitution. Try reading it some time.