What is it about ghost stories that intrigues us?

Picture by Earl 35

I love hearing people’s tales about bumps in the night and figures appearing. I am willing to watch Ghost Adventures and other shows like it for the chance to see or hear something. When people show me pictures with those orbs of light, I am hooked. I know what is there and I wonder who it is.

You might even say I get really gullible when it comes to these things. People can tell me all sorts of spooky stories and chances are I am going to believe them.

My husband is inclined the other way. There is not a ghost story he can’t poke a hole through. For him, ghosts are non-existent. And anyone who tells them can be found to be unreliable as a source. This is when being a journalist who needs cold hard facts is a bad thing.

I know ghosts exist but I cannot prove it. I have known them since I was a kid and the ghost in our house would knock stuff down. I have known they existed when I would see weird things out of the corner of my eye. I knew it when I heard my recently dead dog wag her tail on the floor of my husband’s closet where she always slept.

I heard the dog and I felt her presence. I told her that we were fine and she could move on to doggy heaven. Soon after, I no longer heard her or felt her in the house. I hope she is chasing all of the rabbits she can find.

A few weeks ago, Patty told a great story about seeing another bicyclist on the road. When she looks back for him, the man with the white bicycle is gone.   It sounded similar to the Resurrection Mary story in my neck of the woods but without the trip to the house. In her story was the sense that someone was looking over her, being a protective force.

Recently, someone told me a story about how they have working on restoring their house. There is a lot of sanding and floor replacement to do. Once they are done the house will be restored to total grandeur.

As this person is working on the back stairs, they happen to look up and there is a man sitting on the top half of the stairs. He is watching the work go on and says nothing. The storyteller asks him for advice as to how to get the old water stain out of the wood but there is no answer forth coming.

While I am in this house for a tour, I hear a noise and a light that I am pretty sure had been turned off  is on again. The storyteller feels as though the house is happy to be reborn, to have its past delights re-worked to shine once more.

Picture by Wallyir

Not all ghosts are bad, they simply do not want to leave the place where they have been happy. So they linger in their home or in a church or other places.

Is my house haunted? You betcha, it is by the former piano teacher of my town. I feel her every now and again. Sometimes when I am singing or need to pick out songs for choir, I feel her right there.

Just don’t tell my husband cause he will never believe it.