I haven’t talked about books lately so I wanted to throw out what is being read at our house right now.

Our school does a RIF (reading is fundamental) program which means the youngest kids get new books every now and again.

Book by Doreen Cronin, Illustrated by Betsy Lewin; Picture from BarnesandNoble.com

One of the books that has shown up from that program in our house lately is Click Clack Moo by Doreen Cronin and we really love it.

The cows have discovered an old typewriter in the barn and write a note to the farmer. The barn gets cold and they want electric blankets.  They will even go on strike to get their demands met.

We laugh, we cry, we watch the duck be the go-between.

It is a great book.

Another great book I have been reading lately is Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. I picked this book up at a garage sale. Then it hung around for a while. I picked it up last month and really enjoyed it.

Book by Shannon Hale; Image from BarnesandNoble.com

The story is about Miri who is the smallest girl in her mountain village. Life is hard and tough. The people are stone cutters and have a special language that Miri wants to learn. One day a messenger from the king announces that the new princess will be picked from their village and therefore all girls will need to attend the new princess academy.

There is the challenge of the lessons, discovery about life beyond their village, the possibility of romance and action as the girls have never imagined will take place during the 18 months of the academy. I loved every moment, especially when Miri figures out how to speak to others without speaking.

This next selection I have not read. That is not the important part here.

"Stormrider" by Anthony Horowitz; Picture from Amazon.com

The reader of the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz is my fourteen-year-old who is not a big reader.

Every week, he has to read 100 minutes for his language class. The books he wants to read lately is Alex Rider. At this point in time he is on the fourth book of the series . Then he expressed sadness that when he graduates from 8th grade he will no longer be able to get these books from the library.

When you are a big reader yourself is there no sweeter sound than to hear your child state he wants a specific book series?

What is your family reading?