Product Thursday

There are times that you see a car accident and have a sick feeling hit your stomach.

I had this feeling recently when I visited J. Roycroft’s blog, The Roycroft Report. On this particular post Mr. Roycroft shares pictures of an accident that crumpled the back-end of his wife’s car.

The car after the crash, picture from The Roycroft Report.

First, you see the picture, then read the description of the accident. It makes you want to cry or freak out. I would have if I had been the one who was hit by a big truck who did not see the stop light.

The worst part is reading that J.’s wife was on the way home from a one month pediatrician check-up with the baby in the back seat.

But here is the kicker.

The baby was fine. Her car seat, a Baby Trend Infant Care Seat, saved her life as she was properly strapped in and the seat was properly positioned. Because the car seat had been in an accident it could not longer be used as it would be hard to tell if the products had been adversely affected.

The Baby Trend Infant Car Seat has been rated the #1 car seat. Consumer Reports gave a high rating a few years ago which increased the popularity of this seat.

This is the part where I tell you to look for the expiration date on your car seat because – believe it or not – plastic becomes brittle with age. This will compromise the safety of that seat. Secondly, if you are not certain how to put your baby seat, stop in at your local fire department or look for publicized seat checks. Either way, you can find out if you are putting that seat in correctly.

This picture is of a Baby Trend Infant Car Seat but not the exact one used by the Roycrofts, Picture from

The Roycrofts had a new car seat before they left the hospital thanks to a thoughtful family member. The point being they went home intact and everyone well. Mrs. R had whiplash but it could have been much worse.

When looking for a recommendation for a  product, can it get better than that? Word of mouth information sometimes can be misleading. But after hearing this story and seeing the pictures of the car after the accident I know what I am telling people if I am asked which is the best car seat to go with.

Go for the one that I know saved a life.

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