Product Thursday

This is one of those things I have been meaning to do for some time; that is showcase a product on a weekly basis. Today I am doing a quickie in which I present the picture and tell a little about the product. In the future I hope to add interviews with the inventor/maker of the product because the process is always interesting to me. We all have great ideas but sometimes we need to find the path to make that great idea happen.  

This week’s product is a fun spray idea from Fairytale Wishes. The two products I have pictured here are the Monster Repellant Spray and Super Hero Spray.

Monster Repellant Spray; Image from

This one I used about a year ago with my then five-year-old when monsters were scaring him.  We would spray in the closet, spray under the bed and in the bathroom which looks right into the boys’ bedroom at bedtime. We also sprayed it on his bed to make that a safe zone. The air smelled like bubblegum (monsters hate bubblegum) and life was better. We did this a few times and it seemed to do the trick of relieving fears. But then we wanted to be strong enough to chase away monsters.

Super Hero Spray; Image from

That is when we started doing Super Hero Spray. I liked the minty smell although Sam is not a big fan of that. I had him stand with his eyes and mouth closed and then spray him down. Not a heavy spray, more like pixie dust falling upon him.  He felt bigger and badder and would try to lift heavy items (with success!). 

I like these formulas because the scent is not heavy nor is it sticky sweet. The bottles are not huge and fit in the hand nicely. The kicker is the glitter in bottle. For kids this makes the liquid look magical.  It made it look magical to me.

Magic is what you need when trying to reassure unreasonable fears in the night time and that is what you get in this product.  

Mompreneur Debbie Glickman, of Highland Park, Illinois, created her line when her own children were having trouble sleeping at night. She had tried all of the usual tricks bit nothing was working. That is until she read about the calming effects of lavender and figured out a way to spray it on her children’s pillows and bedding. That was the beginning of Sweet Dreams Spray. After that Glickman created Monster Repellant, Super Hero and Happy Camper Spray. All come in 4 ounce spray bottles and sell for $9.99.

When you go to the website you can find locations where the products are being sold or buy it right there. I found the locater map very easy to work. In seconds, I was on a list of retailers for my state.  I also liked reading the tales of triumph on the Happily Ever Afters page. For more information, visit the website.


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