I was looking through the various search phrases people have used to find my humble blog and thought “Today is the day I am going to answer those questions.”

Normally on Mondays I have been trying to be a little serious and tackle political issues. Recently at church I have been identified as a politically interested person and  (gasp) a feminist. Considering that I believe a woman should be able to work to support her family in case her husband: a. dies; b. runs off; or c. is  no-good drunken laggard, yes I am a feminist. I also believe that a woman who want to work because of the joy they get from using their talents and the money they can make from those talents should be able to work.

Shocking, I know.

However, we are not going down that road today. Recent events in Japan call for humor instead of pontificating.

Today, we are giving real answers to the pressing questions of the time.

1) Can I drink chocolate milk if I have given up chocolate for Lent.

Picture by Caropro

We all know the answer to this question which is never give up chocolate in the first place.  But then Lent wouldn’t be so much fun, would it?

However, the truth lies in counting the weeks and doing some quick multiplication and addition. The equation would look like such:

6 x 7 + 4 = 46

But Lent is for 40 days, you are saying to yourself. And we know that is to symbolize the 40 days and 40 night Jesus spent in the desert fasting. 

 However, during the season of Lent you have 5 Sundays plus Easter. These are considered a “free day” in which you can take a break from your lental sacrifice.

Picture by Dzz

If you gave up meat or sweets or swearing for lent, you can do these activities to your heart’s content. Rasher of bacon for breakfast, Italian beef for lunch followed by roast pork for supper could be done. The same idea for sweets. However, I do not think you might want to swear on God’s day. I guess you could refrain from the big one and do little swears. I would keep an eye out for lightning strikes, just in case.

Personally, I would just keep on going in order to make that new habit really stick. Or, I guess, on those Sundays you could indulge in your sacrifice a little. Have a repass from the sacrifice. So the ultimate answer would be “Yes you can have chocolate milk if you gave up chocolate for Lent but only on Sundays.”

2) How to explain to husband it is time to get the kids out of the marital bed.

I think you are going to have to use the phrase “Happy Wife = Happy Life.” If you are not sleeping well because those toddlers are kicking off the covers, kicking you in the kidneys and deterring the sex life, it is time to gently explain all of this to the hubby.

A child sleeping, picture by Side Show Mom

Explain that you would be happier if you could get more sleep and that there could be more “couple time” if the wee ones were out of the bed. But not one mother would blame you if you had to resort to cutting him off until said child was out of the bed on a regular basis.

Judy Arnall gave some excellent advice on how to get the child used to another bed and it may be rough going for a while. She is more tactful than I am. Speaking from experience, you are going to be happy you made the effort.

All right, those problems solved. What’s next?

Disclaimer: While I am  an annoying know-it-all, these answers should not be taken in complete seriousness. Add your own grain of salt as needed.