Lately, we have been hosting a drop-in’ Friday Night on the first friday of the month. We make pizza, have a variety of sodas and games on hand. We ask friends to bring a dish (appetizer, side dish or dessert) and any games they want to share.

Picture by Dzz

This is great because people will bring dips, chips and cookies. Our house might be small but it fills up quickly with kids and noise from music as Guitar Hero revs up.

One of the couples we are friends with are seriously into games. They attend Gen-Con every year and have seen a number of board games when the companies demonstrate their latest and greatest. This allows them to bring two different games every month. So we mix it up with our game collection and have a fun time playing.

Like what, you are wondering? Like this.

Some of you may play Bunco. It is a fun dice game. But if you need to get out of the Bunco rut there is Zombie Dice. Each die has three images on them – footprints, brains and a gunshot. There are 13 dice in the container but each player takes turns rolling the dice – three at a time. As the zombie, you want brains and you do not want a gunshot. When you roll, you keep any brains and gun shots. The footprints you can roll again. But once you roll three gunshots your turn is over and all accumulated brains are gone. If you have two gunshots you can choose to quit and save the count of brains you have acquired in that turn. The person who runs a tab of 13 brains is the winner.

Sure, we watch the inhabitants of these places on some bad reality tv but now you can play the life in Trailer Park Wars. Each player gets some trailer homes, tenants and perks/bad points to start with. As you go through each round, you are trying to collect flamingos and set upon your fellow players bad tenants, take away their perks and make your own park paradise for your good tenants. When the flamingos are all gone everyone counts up their collection. He with the most flamingos wins. Which is why you never want the rapper living right next door to the old crabby lady.

Cash and Guns is all about cash and guns. The premise is that all players were involved in a bank robbery. They have now gathered the loot and are trying to divide it up. With each round, each player decides if they are going to shoot or bluff. With each round someone is going to get shot or runaway to avoid being shot. If you can hold out, there is a good chance you can walk away with the most loot. Each players gets a foam gun and eight ‘action’ cards. It is a game that goes quick and was a lot of fun despite the violent nature of the game.

If you have preschool and primary grade school children in your house, they are going to love Chicken Cha Cha Cha. They also might be the only ones who can ever win at it. This memory games has a border of egg cards that the chicks travel on by way of turning over the next picture in a square of octagon cards on the path. Each octagon depicts an image  that is on two of the egg cards. If your chick jumps over another chick, you get to take their tail feather. The player who gets all of the tail feathers wins. You are thinking this should be easy for an adult but it is not. I have been beaten several times by my daughter because after remembering six items without a problem I could not find the feather.

Do you remember playing war as a kid with a deck of cards? Top Trumps plays like war. The difference is in each deck there is a list of attributes with a numerical value attached to each one. So you pick a line and see who has the highest number, the winner gets to keep all of the cards until there are no more cards. I thought this was a bit of a lame-o game at first. But then I played this with one son who was in the hospital and another who was learning numbers. Plus, you can get a variety of decks on a variety of subjects from the NBA, insects, Star Wars and The Dog. It is a fun little game you can play in the car, on the airplane, at home or anywhere. It lasts about 10 minutes or longer if you want. 

What are the favorite games in your family?