My kids go with me on this blogging journey every time they ask to see the blog of  “the Lego Guy.” 

They love the pictures that Dan puts up of Lego figures in different scenes. They love the cool set-ups while I am impressed by the emotional depth you can get from a Lego figure. Then one day my youngest decided he wanted to do his own Lego scenes.

At first it was simply creating shapes. Then I told him he had to come up with a scene. Every day Sam makes something up using his limited collection. I know we have more figures but where they’ve disappeared to I have no idea. Luckily a friend of my 14 y.o. has been bringing over more people, including a pirate and an alien.

So here are a few of the scenes he has made that may not be up to the standard Dan has created; I am still trying to get Sam to see that we have to get really close up on his scenes. But it has gotten better.

First Picture taken by mom


Stormtrooper in peril, picture taken by mom


Alien on the Ship, picture taken by mom

Alien avoiding capture, picture by mom


Wait a minute, no one is in the ship! Picture taken by mom.

How are your kids/grandkids/niece-or-nephews being creative?