Every year for Christmas, my mother includes a few little projects in the box along with the presents and crackers.

Some year we get to it and some years we forget about it totally. Magic rocks, tiny sea monkeys, mystical trees have all come to the house. This year it was the pink trees called Mystical Trees.

Picture by Me

Instead of another year of the package sitting around,  my daughter decided she was going to get it done.

She opened one of the packages, made the tree, poured the special solution in the tray and put the tree in the tray.

At first, there was only white fuzz on the cardboard. But a day later it looked like this – pink and fuzzy.

Picture by Me

Maybe you can sit there and watch it grow. I noticed it last night looking a little pink. By this morning it looked like something you can find in a Dr. Seuss book.

In years past we have tried to leave the experiments on the dining room table. But then the dog would try to eat it. Is there anything remotely appetizing about this little science project? Apparently, there is to the dog.

This year our tree is safely hidden behind the dish drainer. Storm has to really work to get at it, requiring a step stool. I do not think he can do that quite yet.

Picture by Me

So now we have an inside mini garden that makes us laugh or smile and it only took a few minutes.

How are you getting through the winter doldrums?