Lately, I have been hearing very derogatory comments about Bristol Palin and I do not feel good about this.

Those of you who have read this blog before know I was not a fan of Bristol while she was on Dancing With The Stars. It angered me that she was not making progress and other better dancers were constantly leaving the show.

Hayden Panatierre and Bristol Palin at a Candie's Foundation Town Hall meeting. Picture from

However, attacking the girl for her weight or past mistakes that she has clearly admitted to making and wanting to make amends for is wrong. Kathy Griffin has led this charge with recent comments before some troops and was promptly, righteously booed.

When you see Bristol, you can tell she is a sweet girl for the most part, perhaps pushed forward because of her mother’s own fame. She was not a natural performer when she started the show and it was illustrated every week. Her weight and the teen pregnancy should be off-limits because I know few women who lose the baby fat quickly and easily while the latter was a mistake she has paid for time and again. Would you want to be in court with Levi Johnson?

Quite frankly, there are better issues to rip on Bristol.

Let’s start with the pretense she was a nobody before DWTS. There was a constant effort of making Bristol to be a regular girl.

Wasn’t this the same girl who was on the cover of a magazine announcing that she and Levi (loser boy) were engaged just this past July? A ‘nobody’ does not announce their engagement on the cover of US magazine. A ‘nobody’ does not talk about wanting a designer dress for the wedding, knowing Mom can buy it after one single speaking appearance. A ‘nobody’ does not have interviews with People magazine about the break-up two weeks later. Or appears on the “Today” show to talk about the break-up.

Another real thing you can jump on Bristol about? How about the fact she is the owner of a public relations firm in Alaska. In September of 2009, Ms. Palin filed the paperwork that shows her as the owner of BSMP, LLC. This lobbying, PR and consulting business was announced to the world at the beginning of 2010 by a variety of news outlets. Bristol was 19 at the time, a high school grad and the owner of a PR agency. Too bad you cannot find a website for this business. Is anyone surprised?

While on DWTS, she talked about working as a receptionist. She talked about hopping in her pick-up truck and driving for five days to get to DWTS. But we also know that she gives speeches about teen abstinence (at $15K to $30K a crack). Plus, she is a spokesperson for the Candies Foundation that promotes teen abstinence. Did she drive in a pick-up to each of these engagements?

So Kathy Griffin goes for the easy jokes about weight, calling Bristol the ‘white precious.’  You could be a bully and rip her on past mistakes that resulted in a child or that weight which has not gone away.

If only you had done your homework, Kathy, you would have found much better and factual grounds to rip on Bristol. It would have been fresh and revealing. Maybe even funnier than the material you did choose.