My dog has a dream.

Picture by Floppy 2009

It is to catch a squirrel and eat it. I have been dragged down the streets and sidewalks of our town as we walk and he sees the cute and furry rodents.

His eyes light up and the ears prick up in anticipation before the run to catch the four legged tree-climber. He loves chasing them up a tree. He loves jumping up five feet in the air for the final attempt.

 This week, that dream almost came true.

 We were walking home after a long walk. He really needed it and I was not disappointed either. It is close to the home stretch when Storm notices about six of the cute rats on the ground near a tree.

 He made a run for it. And while Storm is quick, they were quicker.

 Except for one squirrel.

 He was farther away and right behind the dog. Storm got the thing between is paws and the grey furball was jumping and scared. He was about to meet his maker in the mouth of a black lab who could, literally, taste victory.

 Which is when I felt mercy brewing in my soul. Normally, I hate squirrels. They dig in my garden and hog all of the bird seed. When a falcon made a swipe at a squirrel a few years back, I was rooting for the falcon.  But this day was different.  I was in someone else’s yard and might have been out of plastic bags. The last thing I wanted to do was to leave a bloody mess on a neighbor’s yard.

Picture by Missy Red Boots

 So I pulled Storm back. The squirrel jumped about, not being too sure what just happened. Then he ran and made it up to the tree to join the rest of his squirrel family.

We walked on and there was a little disappointment. But it is not going to stop him from trying again another day.