Picture by J. Durham

Tomorrow we will go to the polls and put in our votes. We will punch holes or mark ballots but we will vote.

And it will be the end of the election season.

Thank God.

I do not know about you but this one has been mean and dirtyseason of campaigning. Our state has seen one state supreme court justice targeted as an ‘activist’ judge. An opposing group has created commercials that take court decisions out of context and making him to appear as a judge who favors the rights of criminals.

If that was your family member being unfairly convicted, then that might be seen as a good thing. But when you do your research on the specific cases being discussed, you find out it was court proceedings that lead to acquittals and this judge did not vote alone. That is not how the state supreme court works as the judgment is a majority vote, always.

This group that is campaigning against him is doing so because the judge voted against their opinion in regards to medical malpractices suits. All I know is every time I hear their twisted commercials, I want to slam something. I am voting to retain that justice because their commercials are so slimy.

We have also had quite the contentious governor’s race. Both men might make a good governor. But the republican lost my vote the day he opened his income tax records to reporters for about three hours and they could not bring any recording devices with them. That included pen or pencil and a pad of paper.

Excuse me?

If that is the kind of contempt he shows during the election season, when he is trying to get us to really like him, what will he do once in office? I am not taking the chance to find out and will not be voting for the man. 

The other candidate I believe to be a good guy in the essentials. He might have to play the game but I believe he has the state’s best interest at heart, which is more than I can say about our last governor. Plus, I loved the moxie he shows with this commercial.

Picture by Clarita

I think any politician has to be able to stand some of the crap that goes behind closed doors. I think you have to be to work within the system. It is my hope that you do not have to be corrupted by it.

 What I look forward to the most on Wednesday, though, is no more campaign flyers, postcards and personal-looking letters. This past Saturday, I had at least six pieces of mail in that category. Our mailbox will go back to holding bills, catalogs, sales flyers  and reminder cards for meetings.

That will be a relief.