This blog entry marks a special number.

Great "100" picture by Hot Black

It is my 100th blog entry.

100 opportunities of spewing my opinion and sharing the fun things of life. And this is how I celebrated.

Yesterday, on the way home from work I began thinking about what I would write. I wanted to keep from being too sentimental, too “yeah me,” too philosophical on what blogging life is for me.

I thought about waxing on how the numbers can get me going everyday, how glad I am to have gotten over 3000 hits, and that I wish more people would begin to comment. But then at the stop light there was this big pick-up truck with two teenage boys laughing.

I looked at them and they looked at me just grinning as the driver revved the engine. I didn’t mean to take it as a dare. But when the light turned green I opened it up and took off. I swear the car might have lifted and pawed into the air.

I was moving ahead of the pick-up when the boys realized what was happening. No self-respecting teenage boy lets a Saturn four-door sedan driven by a mom pass them up. So they kicked it a little higher and their engine growled a little louder. That is when I put the gas pedal to the floor.

I was still ahead of them when their engine made one last rumble. I knew it was over and they were going to pass me. Except a red light and a line of cars were in front of us. Neither of us wanted to play chicken with other people’s lives. So we slowed down and made normal stops.

It was a stupid and irresponsible act on my part. The guilt grew when a state police car started to follow me. Then I remembered that the headquarters for the state police was in the same direction I was going. Suddenly, I could not remember the speed limit. Was it 45 or 55 in this section of road that was not quite country, not quite city.

So I did what most moms do, played it safe at around 48 until he turned off to go back to headquarters. Yet, every part of me enjoyed that moment of feeling the car trying to go faster, move into another gear.

Quite frankly, that could be a metaphor of my life. I began blogging to make myself write after losing a job that I loved. I may have hated my boss and it was time to leave but the actual work I enjoyed. In blogging, I force myself to learn how to take and put up pictures, write on a variety of topics and explore other blogs.

Have a piece of cake to celebrate. Picture by Mensatic.

I have read other people’s work and read articles on how to attract regular visitors. I took cues from what people read the most and adapted some of my posts to those topics specifically.

So where does one go from here? In the words of Albus Dumbledore, one goes on. Who knows where that is or where it leads. I am ready to end the pity party, to move on, to get things in order to start something new.

Are you willing to come along for the ride?