Last week, I had the pleasure of reading the delightful The Twelve Ways of Fall at Reinventing the We’ll.

Scarecrows at the campfire

So I was inspired to share the sightings of our town as we celebrated Pumpkin Fest. For the last few years we have been putting up scarecrows as a part of the festivities. The contest is judged on Friday and when the scarecrows come down on Sunday the fest is over for another year.

I got out and took a few pics of winning scarecrows, fun scarecrows and a few decorated pumpkins. And here they are:

Fancy Lady Scarecrow

Bank Scarecrows fishing for money

Florist Scarecrow

Leprechaun Scarecrow (because anyone can be Irish)

Scary Scarecrow

Painted Pumpkins (Look for the Green ribbon Winner)

Scarecrows Chatting

Scarecrows at Rest

Political Scarecrow

A Scarecrow Family (they had good seats for the parade)

Last but not least is the Scarecrow Family. So, how do you celebrate the Autumn Season?