Family Movie Night

I am a creature of habit. I like my day to go into a routine. This is why most afternoons you can see me walking our dog between four and four-thirty.

 This past week, Storm once again made the effort to chase after Ms. Easter’s beautiful brown calico. But the cat was taking its afternoon nap a little too close to the sidewalk. Either that or it was purposely moving slowly to aggravate my dog. 

This cat sort of looks like Mrs. Easter's cat. Picture by Wally Ir

Cats will do that.

 So Storm does the natural thing and tries to catch it. He probably felt he was in good reach and so what if he has to drag a human around to do it. Just at that moment our police chief is driving by in his spiffy SUV squad vehicle. He watches (and I assume laughs) as I struggle to keep the dog from going after the cat. I might have been dragged a few feet.

 Once the dog has been pulled back and calmly walking down the sidewalk, the SUV pulls up to our side of the street.

 “Karyn,” he yells out. “The problem is not the cat. You just need a smaller dog.”

 It was a great line and I laughed for a block or so as we walked home.

 But of course this guy is going nowhere. He is a great dog that puts up with a good amount of abuse. Sam tries to ride him like a horse on a regular basis. Then there are the benefits. Don’t tell the vet but Storm makes a daily practice of stealing food from the table or the kids or both.

Owen Wilson in Marley and Me, picture from

 Now the immediate movie that comes to mind is Marley and Me starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston who build a family life that includes a crazy dog. The dog is a yellow lab and an amazing package of energy. For the most part this is an OK movie for the whole family. I think there are a few parts that might make one re-think the decision. But if the ending doesn’t make you cry, I do not know what will.

Alex Etel in The Waterhorse, Picture from

 Another movie that I think is a great ‘pet’ movie is the Waterhorse” starring Alex Etel (Millions), Emily Watson and Ben Chapin. Etel plays a lonely boy whose father has not returned from WWII. One day he finds a strange rock at the rocky shore of a Scottish loch. When the rock breaks, it turns out to hold a creature that loves the water. And as the creature grows, it becomes harder for the boy to keep him hidden away.

1943 Lassie Come Home, Picture from

 Finally, who can resist Lassie, the collie who manages to return to her family no matter what the obstacle. I am partial to the Lassie Come Home (1943) version with Roddy McDowell, Elizabeth Taylor and Nigel Bruce.

Jonathon Mason from Lassie (2005), picture from

However, if you find the 2005 flick with Peter O’Toole, Samantha Morton, John Lynch and Jonathon Mason as Joe, I promise it will not disappoint in bringing out the tears at the very end.

 Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.

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