The Front Garden 9-6-10

It is coming to an end, my garden. Summer blooms are tiring and want a reprieve. Granted, I water them often enough. But it seems as if they are on their last push for blooming.

The sunflowers, including our monster tall one, are bending over as the heads have become too heavy for the stalks.

Quite frankly that is a project that is smaller bit of a much bigger job as I remove some of the peonies and make the Tiger Lilies more rounded in their formation as opposed to their current straight line.  I am also planning move the walkway forward and allow expansion of the flowers.

Blackberry Lily in bloom

Blackberry Lily Seedpod

On the side of the house the blackberry lilies have opened their seed pods. The seeds are black and round, gathered together and looking like a blackberry. This wind is really blowing today and I had to hold the stem to keep it steady for a good picture.

Jackmanii Clematis

One the other side of the front steps, I have a Jackmanii Clematis. The Purple blooms were outstanding earlier in the year. Now It is trying to get out a few blooms. They are still very pretty.

White Obedience Plant

Purple Obedience Plant

Last time I posted about the garden, I made mention that my purple Obedience plant was killed off by the heat. But this past week, I noticed on stalk hidden behind the sunflowers. When the time is right, I am plucking that stalk with the seeds and planting them a little farther upfront. I am planning to have sunflowers again next year and this will help the purple obedience come back.

Black-eyed Susans

Black-eyed Susans are some of my favorite flowers. I plan to have more of them in the front garden. They seed so easily that this will not be a difficult task. This group lives next to the hollyhocks.


Now for the fall garden. I meant to and never did get around to buying flowering cabbage. I saw it mid summer but did not pick it up. Well, next fall I will get that in once I have a bigger bed. For now my old mums are in bloom and looking good although they do need a trim.I do plan to buy some more but they will only last for the fall season. These purple ones are the only one I have ever had that have come back every year.

Impatiens on the most shaded part of the house

The final picture is the flowers that hate the heat the most and will last through the lighter frosts. This year, it was a mixed bag. They did well but not as well as I had hoped. Perhaps next year I will plant them closer together.

Or maybe I should break down and do Miracle Grow to get super stupendous plants.