This week I committed the cardinal “Stacey and Clinton” sin.

Pajama Parade, Picture by Gracey

 I went out in public in my pajama pants.

 This wasn’t a just for fun jaunt or a funny “let’s get together in our pj’s” outing with the girls.

 We had run out of milk at the house so instead of sending the husband who was working at home I ran out in my pajama pants. I had only been wearing a tank top (no bra) so I quickly threw on a long sleeve shirt that sort of, kind of, went with the color scheme.

 It is 8:30 in the morning and I am running out in my black and white plaid pants with a red long sleeve shirt. There were old ripped up sneakers on my feet and I think my hair was in a bad ponytail. If my kids had been along they might have been embarrassed.

 I was embarrassed.

 I have only done this once or twice in my life. I like to be dressed nicely. If I had more money I would be a clothes horse. When the catalogs hit my house I always find new things I want. Leggings, loose tops, wrap dresses, tall boots, cute flats, business wear, skirts that are loose, skirts that are tight.

 However, want and need are two different things. So while I have less than I want, I know I have more than perhaps I need. That is a blessing.

 I guess like anyone else I just want to keep my wardrobe updated. And this has been hard as I have slowly lost inches. Some of my more fashionable items has gone by the wayside because they are too big on me. I am not looking forward to the fall when I see if my favorite suede skirt will fall into that category. I love the sound as I walk about, the wonderful slight rustling sound. It goes so well with my pumpkin and deep red tops. It will be a loss I will have to bear.

 Lately I have been reading the Pleated Poppy’s blog page called What I Wore Wednesday. Every week Lindsay takes pictures of what she wore for the past week. She states it is an effort to make her self dress better and not stay in pj’s all day long. Then she invites others to do the same with pictures of their wardrobe through the week. Will I join up?

 Not sure. It requires me to clean up the only room with a full length mirror. Do I really want to show all of you my clutter since I cannot even get my ‘closet of doom’ entirely cleaned out?

Picture by Pedro Perez


 In the meantime, I will try to make sure that morning emergencies do not include me running outside in the world in my pj’s. I will listen to the Flylady who encourages women to no longer live in chaos (can’t have anyone over syndrome) to get dressed first thing in the morning. I will listen to Stacey and Clinton before they come to give me an intervention.

 I wonder if I can look as good as this mannequin?