I am blessed to live in a small town.

Which means when I go around the neighborhood with a camera in my hand taking pictures of my neighbors’ plants, they do not call the police. One neighbor waved as I took pictures of their hydrangea, another looked at the image of their Peace rose in my digital camera.

These are the gems that make the neighborhood a little prettier, a little more gentile. Am I desirous of these plants? Absolutely. But at least I can have visitation on a regular basis.


The first is this lovely hydrangea. They are coming near the end but apparently it is possible to dry these lovelies to use a decorations in the home during the winter. I have seen Christmas trees decorated with ribbons and dried hydrangea.

Peace Rose

Next up is the Peace Rose. My Neighbor, Barb, loves growing roses. She has a wide variety that includes a lavender rose. This Peace rose has a creamy yellow on the base of the petal while the ends are a delicate pink.

One of the splashy beauties of the neighborhood is this dinner plate hibiscus. Pat has these in red and white with a base of impatiens to keep the roots cool. She recently promised me some seeds and I know just the place I will anchor them.


Shelley loves planting gladiolus. She has a small patch that is doing quite well. This sample has a deep pink flower peeking out. It is not as splashy as the others, more of a hidden gem. But it is something to look forward to seeing.

White Cone Flower

The final picture comes from my garden. I was completely surprised to see it. I thought the plant was going to just ‘be’ this year and bloom next year. But here is the White Cone Flower. There is it in its singular beauty. and when the flower is done, I plan to spread those seeds around to make a nice stand next year.