Family Movie Night for 7-14-10  

Picture by Phaewilk


While reading the paper this week, one story caught my eye. The pre-school program at our grade school is going to be continued despite not receiving all of the necessary funding from the state.  

 Inwardly, I breathed a sigh of relief. Not because I have a child in pre-school.  My youngest starts kindergarten this year. I did so because I know how much pre-school did for my children who attended it.  

 I have had two children with speech issues which got them into the pre-school program when there was barely any room. By having this program they were able to socialize with other kids, able to get to speech class and learn how to make their need known without getting frustrated all of the time. I can’t say enough good things about Miss Kelly, Miss Karen and Miss Connie the speech teacher.  

 Our family really benefited from this program. The boys slowly worked through their speech problems, the youngest coming the farthest. While learning social skills was good for all of the kids, it was those paying attention-, reading-, and gross and small motor skills they learned that made it all worthwhile.  

 For Sam, preschool became a great place to learn. It turned him on and he wanted to learn more. Right now he is looking at words and trying to figure them out – when he is not playing hard with his buddies.  

 I am glad to see this program continue. I know that there will be other families who will have similar experiences to what we did and see their children reap the benefits.   

 In that spirit, I want to talk about a DVD series I learned about last year  

Daisy of My Daisy Days videos


that is perfect for pre-schoolers. I met the creators of My Daisy Days DVDs last year at the Home School Expo. Each volume has three different approximately 12-minute long programs that have Daisy the basset hound exploring a place kids go or learning something such as the alphabet.  

 What I like about these videos is there is no monologue or dialogue. The camera is following Daisy as she has her adventures. The music that accompanies Daisy is cute and mood perfect. The camera angle works from Daisy’s viewpoint which is on the same level as a child in a stroller and that makes it great from a  

Visiting the sheep at the County Fair, picture from


kid’s point of view. Volume 1 follows Daisy as she visits the county fair, learns her ABCs and goes on a boat ride.  

 As we watched these DVDs together the kids really enjoyed it. Sometimes when the 5-year-old wants quiet time he will pop it in himself and talk to himself about what Daisy is doing. I like that she helps to teach kids social stories and it is OK to explore the world. Daisy makes for a good companion.  

For more information about My Daisy Days DVDs and to see a trailer, visit the website at  

Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.  

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