In the day-to-day, everything moves slowly till one day you notice the spiderwort is blooming and the peonies are slowly opening up.

So I took these pictures today to show how quickly it can all go.

Spider wort in bloom

I like spider wort for the fuchsia colored flowers and medium green leaves. They work well together and fill a big area in my front sun and perennial garden.

Trouble will start in a few weeks when we get really hot weather. The grass will die back and leave the area bare. I am always at a loss what to do to fill the area. This year I am going to try putting Cosmo seeds in the area and see how it works. Gardening, after all, is about experimentation.


This is my columbine in the shade garden. I bought it last year at the Farmer’s Market from a local greenhouse and was delighted to see how it came back this year for an encore presentation. It is currently surrounded by white Dianthus, allowing this darker rose to show up well.

How quickly can things change in the garden? This first picture is from two weeks ago when I was getting snap dragons and the first Impatiens in the ground. There was plenty of Star of Bethlehem but not much was in bloom.

Picture take two weeks ago

You can see the remains of late-blooming daffodils and a few pansies. The green is starting to mound but there is nothing splashy going on.

Since then I have taken the time to weed and place a few bedding plants in as well as straighten up those stones.

picture taken today

What a difference a few weeks and plenty of rain can make. We have had rain every other day for the last two weeks, making everything jump out and burst into color.

The Dianthus seems to be in every color. I do need to weed this garden and put in more Impatiens, which will happen this week. If you look towards the back wall you can see that columbine.

Lastly, I wanted to show a picture of what has been my favorite flower this spring. If you think this picture is nice, you should see the plant in person because it even more outstanding in the blue coloration.  The yellow and red varieties I have are just as wonderful.  All came from plantings I put in last fall, proving that pansies do come back, if you take care of them.