I’ll bet that if you ask any adult on the street, they will know someone who has survived  cancer, is going through cancer treatment or has died from cancer. 

This past November, cancer took my Aunt Barbara and my cousin Paul. Both left behind families and people that cared about them. My aunt was the guardian to three of her grandchildren. My cousin left behind one adult daughter and his parents. 

 So when my neighbor, Barb, asked me to be on her Relay For Life team, I said yes without a second thought. Much research has been done that has changed the way we attack cancer, treat it and help people survive. Now it is my turn to help raise funds to encourage more research, to help create programs to support families and patients dealing with a cancer diagnosis. 

 Relay For Life teams have many ways to raise funds. You might be seeing signs for garage sales and special days at Monical’s. In St. Anne there will be a special Moonlight Bowl at Dixie Lanes on May 14th. 

Colorful Bowling Balls, picture by Ronnie B


Normally, our family has pizza and watches a movie on Friday night. It is a total stay-at -home-and-veg-out night. But this time the parents can leave the kids with a babysitter and get out for a good time while raising money for a good cause. For more information you can call Mona at 815-427-8331. 

Movie Poster for Terms of Endearment, picture from IMDb.com


One True Thing, Renee Zellweger and Meryl Streep, picture from IMDb.com


While there are a variety of movies out there about brave fights with cancer, I am not writing about them today. If you want to watch Terms of Endearment, My Sister’s Keeper, Space Cowboys or One True Thing, have at it. 

 I think when you are in the middle of a battle like this, you need a movie to lift you up. You need a movie such as Die Hard starring Bruce Willis. It is hard to believe the movie is twenty-two years old but that is when we began to realize Bruce Willis was an everyman action hero. 

The man fights terrorists while barefoot. But the point is he fights them with everything he has, realizing his imperfections as a man and the desire to get his wife out of the dangerous situation. Would you be as smart and quick as 

Bruce Willis as John McClane in Die Hard, picture from IMDb.com


John McClane? I am not sure I would be but that doesn’t mean I would not try. And it is that type of spirit that I assume most people who are dealing with cancer use to battle back. 

This movie is rated R for action violence, language, brief nudity and brief drug content. I would not suggest this for the kids. A better action-adventure for the kids is Agent Cody Banks starring Frankie Muniz as the teen/secret agent saving the world. Plus it is rated PG. 

Until next week, see you in the rental aisle. 

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