This week Betty White will appear on Saturday Night Live (SNL). Perhaps you are not familiar with the 88-year-old actress who was a big hit in the Snickers commercial that played during the Supper Bowl.

Betty White from Bring Down The House, picture from

 White is playing football with her buddies and playing like an 88-year-old woman. They give her smack and she gives it right back until she eats a Snickers bar. Then the young man is feeling like himself again.

 It was such a great commercial that there was a Facebook page petitioning SNL to have White be a host. At least she is not hocking some bad movie or her latest album or some bad product. What White is going to give us is comedy done in the best manner old school can give it.

 This is a woman who played the man-eater Sue Ellen on the Mary Tyler Moor Show. Many know her from Golden Girls in which she was the sweet and naive Rose who got more men than the sex pot play by Rue McClanahan.

 White’s re-emergence made me thought of other older actors who may have done amazing things in movies.

Movie poster for Cocoon, icture from The first, of course, has to be Cocoon directed by Ron Howard. This PG-13 rated movie is about how seniors at a residential center are suddenly able to do things they have not done for many years thanks to something in the water of a nearby swimming pool. Don Ameche and Wilford Brimley helped make this movie quite popular.

 Doris Roberts as Nana in Aliens In The Attic, picture from IMDb.comAnother movie that we happened to recently watch is Aliens in the Attic  has an incredible wire-fu scene with Doris Roberts, from Everybody Loves Raymond. In this particular flick, the kids of the family figure out there are unfriendly aliens in the attic of the family vacation home.

 Thee aliens are looking for something and will not rest until they find it. Plus the aliens have a special weapon that can make robots out of humans. This particular scene has the grandkids using the remote control to make “Nana,” who has been turned into a robot, fight against another character. It was great!!!! It was the best part of this family movie, that did have some redeeming family values.

 The last movie I thought about that has older people doing what we might think they should not is Space Cowboys starring Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, James Garner and Donald Sutherland. Retired space guys are asked by NASA to go back into space to fix something that only these guys can fix.

 Sure it is a bit hokey. But it is a fun movie with some serious bits that prove you do not have to be under the age of 30 to be stupid and macho and have fun while doing it.

 Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.

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