There are days that I think I have it all going on.

My blog is getting continuous hits; I am having arguments, ahh, lively discussions with libertarians on Facebook; and I am getting regular writing assignments.

But life has a way of sneaking up on you to let you know you gotta slow down.

All that is left is the empty bowl

That simple reminder came for me  with this empty bowl. Are you going “I don’t get it. Why is there an empty bowl with a spoon of the side?”

Here’s the story.

Last weekend, I was making a few dishes for our church pot luck. Ham was on the menu so I had to make Sweet Potato Casserole (yes, with marshmallows) and bread pudding. Someone else was making Mac-and-Cheese. However, in the middle of making the bread pudding, my 13 y.o. says “Mom, my ear hurts. It is all stuffed up.”

This is never a good sign. Mr. 13 blew out one ear drum at a tender age, he does not need a matched set. I had the custard filling made and left it while we go to the bathroom for a dose of ear cleaning solution. I come back to tear up bread and pour in custard filling when I notice it is all gone.

The bowl was empty and the spoon has not been moved.

That’s right, the spoon had not been moved.

A lovable dog and an eating machine

I knew who the culprit was right away. See the picture of the cute lab with the big brown eyes? That was him, Storm our labrador. And it was my own fault for not moving the custard mixture to a safe place.

So I did what any mom would do.  I hid the bread. Put away anything that the dog might eat and went to the store for more Milnot. Rest assure, I mixed everything in a different bowl, baked it and made the sauce. At the end of the night I took home an empty pan that once held bread pudding.

And the dog? Well, he is going to live another day. He is a lab and my experience shows that labs can eat just about anything.

It was simply another day in which the universe said “you know the rules of life with a dog. Don’t forget to follow them.” I did and the price was having to make a second batch of custard filling. At least he did not get into the brownies that had peanut butter chips in them.

That would have been messy.

Karyn Bowman is also known as Mom Goes to the Movies. She lives in Kankakee County with her outdoor writer husband and four children. Become friends with Karyn on Facebook.