Some people might wonder why I have named this blog the name it has.

Some of you might be saying “We get it. You have a bunch of kids and the house gets rumbly.”

But what you do not know is that I can be a bit of a snobbish Anglophile. I like stuff from England. I wish I had taken advantage of my college’s program to study in England for a year.

English cooking leaves me cold. I cannot stand even the idea of Shepherd’s pie or Steak and Kidney pie. Trifle does get made and eaten in our house. But I love the idea of tea time. I am happy reading English literature. Duran Duran is still one of my favorite bands.

A few years ago when I saw the movie Iris, I started reading the memoir it was based on by John Bayley. Besides the incredible story of love in the face of a horrific disease (Alzheimer’s Disease), one of the things I noticed is that they named their house. Each house that Bayley and Murdock live in had a name.

I liked that idea. I liked the idea of the house having a name. So I came up with one that fit the Winnie-the-Pooh mindset I was in at the time. I told existing family members that they either liked the name or suggest one of their own. No one came up with something so I went with my pick.

We were painting the house that year and my job was the porch. When the door was painted, I found a font that fit what I was looking for and used that as an example for writing on the door frame.

At some point I would like to paint over it and center the lettering better. But this is what it is and we like it.