Today I want to talk about some casting ideas I have for Austenland, should it make its way to Hollywood. Again, I have heard nothing, I know nothing. But as I read this book I start seeing various people in various roles and I just have to write it down.

Lets start with Jane HayesElizabeth Banks from Definetely, Maybe off of It should be someone approachable who can be a little obsessive. I have seen Elizabeth Banks in so many movies doing different roles and is always a standout. Movies such as W, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Seabiscuit.

Plus she can carry a movie. This is a strong woman who needs to fall on a good rom-com.

Jude Law in All The King's Men on IMDb.comI keep wondering about Mr. Nobley. I know Shannon Hale based the character on Colin Firth (sigh) but in my mind I saw the intense and incredibly handsome Jude Law. He could make a woman feel as if he believed she was the most beautiful thing in the world everyday.Lisa Ann Walters from

There must be a Miss Charming and I cannot think of anyone better than the loud but incredibly sweet Lisa Ann Walters. Loved her in The Parent Trap and Shall We Dance. Somehow, I know she will make it worthwhile to give up the car and the trip to Florence.

Uma Thurman from My Super Ex-Girlfriend from IMDb.comBut what about Amelia? Who can play that perfect Regency woman and still allow us to like her? What about Uma Thurman. She is beautiful and likable. We want to hate her but you can’t because you feel sorry for her or realize she is just as nice as you expected. See what I mean? Perfect for the role!

Joe Anderson, picture from IMDb.comMartin was harder for me to figure out. I wanted someone solid, someone English, young but not too young. Joe Anderson was in Becoming Jane but I really liked him in All Across the Universe. He would make  a wonderful earthy double-crossing gardener.

Sophie Thompson in Nicholas Nickelby from IMDb.comOne of the harder characters is the Aunt. She is on duty constantly. She has to satisfy her guests and her employer, making sure the dinner procession is always correct. Sophie Thompson (second from the left in this photo) who is a wonderful character actress in England might be better remembered as Miss Bates in Emma or Lydia in Four Weddings and a Funeral. But I love her whenever I see her.

Dame  Judie Dench in Casino Royale from IMDb.comWhen it comes to tough women, is there anyone better than Judi Dench? Let’s face it, Mrs Wattlesbrook is a tough broad. She puts fear into her staff and guests, willing to embarrass the least financially able guest in front of the others. Well, if Judi is not available there is always Helen Mirren.

I know I have missed a few characters. Maybe you have some better suggestions. Let’s hear them because I want to know where others stand on this. Can you think of something better to do (besides sex) on a rainy day?