What am I doing with a blog?

I am the kind of person that loves to do things the old fashion way. I like to make food from scratch, dig in my garden and quilt. My favorite way to read is not with a kindle or by sitting on a computer. I love to pick up a book or magazine, feel the paper in my hands and smell that smell of paper and ink.

In the current world order that makes me a fuddy-duddy, a party pooper, someone who just doesn’t get it.  But like a lot of book readers what I have in abundance is curiosity. Thankfully I have children as well who are always wanting to know new stuff.

Thanks to my 13-year-old son’s fascination with Michael Jackson, I have learned to have a newer appreciation for Jackson’s music. Thanks to my 8-year-old daughter we will be delivering Girl Scout cookies at the end of February and discovering new flavors.

They are only a few reasons why I have named our house “Rumbly Cottage.” There never seems to be an end to the amount of traffic that comes from friends of our four children, the dog or the husband. If you come to the front door it is inevitable that everyone comes over to see who is there. That includes our labador retriever, Storm, who is always willing to escape.

Some days our escapades are funny, other times amazingly dangerous. Or they can be deadly dull because it is only normal family activity. But to our family it is what makes life go.

And in sharing all of that, I hope you find something that makes you laugh, makes you shake your head in agreement, or makes you wonder how people can live like this.

And then you will want to comment.